Love Satisfies
Love Satisfies, How to have infinite non-ejaculatory orgasms (Dry orgasms, Energy orgasms, Male multiple orgasms, Tantric Sex, Sustainable Sex), by Keepitup Johnson, BA Health and Society, Brown University
 "I've learned that good health comes from mind, body, and spirit.  I've taught spiritual sex and male multiple orgasms for over ten years. I’ve meditated with Buddhist monks;  I’ve chanted with Hindus; I’ve sold everything I owned and walked like Jesus; I’ve summited 18,000 foot peaks in Nepal;  I’ve fasted and prayed;  I’ve studied with Shamans;  I’ve learned from plant medicines; I’ve abstained from sex for months on end; I’ve studied sex with several Tantric masters; I’ve mastered male multiple orgasms, I've studied with spiritual masters of all faiths; I’ve run naked and barefoot as fast as my legs could carry me; I’ve stood in the pouring rain and shouted at the top of my lungs, 'Where am I?  Who am I? Where did I come from?' 
The best answers come from the one who is asking the questions.  I’ve traveled the world; I’ve danced with whirling dervishes; I’ve lived; I’ve prayed; I've played; I've been moved to tears.  I’ve studied with Native Americans, and gone on vision quests and sweats.  I’ve camped alone in the wilderness for weeks on end.  I enjoy surfing, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, sky diving, and bungy jumping.  I love creating a better world.  I enjoy life. I have learned to love myself."

Books by Keepitup Johnson:
How to have male multiple orgasms, also known as non-ejaculatory male orgasms (NEMO), dry orgasms, energy orgasms, Tantric Sex. Blow your mind and expand your pleasure. Love Satisfies is available in book form (189 pages) from, and in e-book form from

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Love Satisfies