Love Satisfies
Tantra   Enjoy sex instead of sex enjoying you!

Love Satisfies, How to have infinite non-ejaculatory orgasms (dry orgasms, energy orgasms, male multiple orgasms, Tantric Sex, sustainable sex), by Keepitup Johnson, B.A., Health and Society.


Is there a difference between making love and fucking?


Fucking always leaves us wanting more. John's girlfriend is a porn star. John watches porn - he's always looking for more. We're guys; we need more.


Love Satisfies is the more you've always been looking for. Love Satisfies is a picture book about spiritual sex, tantric sex, and energy orgasms.


Sexual energy is life energy.

Men who waste their sperm peter out.

Do you bust a nut and then fall asleep?
Love Satisfies is all growing from your sexual energy instead of wasting it. Buy the book.
Tantric sex





If you're like me, you want everything for free. Honestly, even I wouldn't get suckered into buying a book, but generally, we get what we pay for. Love Satisfies is my life's work.  You get sacred sex, tantric sex, and male multiple orgasms for $15; and I can assure you it's worth more than that.

Peace and love,honestly,
Keepitup Johnson

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tantric sex, tantric orgasms
Tantric sex made simple: order Love Satisfies by Keepitup Johnson

Love Satisfies - the step by step, picture book for better sex, tantra, male multiple orgasms